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A13 Mk. II/Cruiser Tank Mk.IVA

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A13 Mk. II/Cruiser Tank Mk.IVA - (Early/Late)Production
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ref: Bronco CB35029

The A13 MkII, Cruiser Tank MkIV entered production in June 1939, and was broadly similar to the earlier Cruiser Tank MkIII. However the frontal armor was increased to 30mm and angled plates of applique armour were added to the turret. This gave the turret a larger and more modern appearance, though the armament remained the same. The first 30 production tanks had an armoured shield over the gun mantlet, this was also a feature of MkIII tanks re-built to MkIV standard. Later tanks had thicker front plate and mantlet. Most of the A13 MkII’s were used to equip the 1st Armoured Division, which was sent to France in 1940 with the BEF. In 1940 the A13 MkIIA appeared with the co-axial Vickers replaced with a 7.92mm Besa machine gun. This was the main production model used in Greece and North Africa. It is thought that most surviving A13 MkII tanks were reworked to MkIIA standard after the fall of France.

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  • Modell: CB35029
  • Fraktvikt: 1100gram
  • 1 Antal i lager
  • Tillverkad av: Bronco Models
  • Skala 1/35

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