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GAZ-69 Anti-Tank Vehicle 2P26

329.00 SEK 329.00 Bromma Hobby AB New
GAZ-69 Anti-Tank Vehicle 2P26 "Baby Carriage"
Rysk från kalla krigets dagar
skala 1/35
Byggsats i plast med fotoets delar, mycket detaljerad.
ref: Bronco CB35099

The missiles carried were the 3M6 'Shmel' ('Bumblebee'), a wire guided anti-tank missile designed in the late 1950s, and based on Western technology, it went into service at the start of the 1960s, mounted in this GAZ truck, later followed by the BRDM-1. As a design, it preceded the better known AT-3 'Sagger'. They saw action in the Middle East wars of the 1960s with Egypt but proved to be of very poor performance. Only one or two enemy tanks were credited to them. The controls could be used up to 30metres away from the vehicle, and it would be guided by a joystick onto the target. It was relatively slow however, and the target was often able to manouver out of the way once the rocket was spotted.

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  • Modell: CB35099
  • Fraktvikt: 800gram
  • 1 Antal i lager
  • Tillverkad av: Bronco Models
  • Skala 1/35

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